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Packaging Products Company is a leading manufacturer of cups, containers, Trays, bottles using latest & updated technology of thermoforming, blow molding and injection molding plastic conversion processes serving the dairy, food, beverage industries in the Middle East, Africa & Europe. Packaging Products Company differentiates itself by providing specialized packaging solutions to meet customers’ specific needs & help them to expand their markets. With the latest technology & through our continuous improvement programs, Packaging Products Company is committed to achieve high quality standards at lower cost giving a clear & sustainable competitive edge. 

  • Our Program
  • PPC Human Resources puts emphasis on training and developing employee skills. It has successfully trained employees in different disciplines such as manufacturing, marketing, finance, Research and Technology, Personnel and Administration. 
    The company employs both traditional and non-traditional means to attract talented individuals from all over the world, to ensure its reputation as a truly global company. PPC Human Resources concentrates on the following elements concerned with the training, deployment, and growth of employees. 

    • Job specifications
    • Required qualifications
    • Identification of training centers
    • Training programs
    • Follow up and evaluation of training programs
    • Development of competencies required for career ladders
    • Development of career path plans

    While the company takes pride in its multinational workforce, the number of Saudi nationals in PPC and its SBUs has increased over the years in the spirit of providing jobs to eligible Saudi nationals.
    PPC Human Resources successfully implemented enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enacted a program of change management through effective employee communication. 
    PPC offers challenging career opportunities in several areas and fields which include:

    • Engineering ( All disciplines )
    • Plant Operations & Maintenance
    • Marketing, Sales & Logistics
    • Research & Development
    • Information Technology
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Human Resources
    • Supply & Demand Chain
    • General Management
    • Industrial Safety & Security
  • Training
  • PPC is committed to the development of each PPC employee through training programs. We believe that continuous learning is essential to enhance individual and the organizational efficiency. 

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  • The recruiting follows a standard procedure. The selection procedure starts after we have receiving your resume, referring to a particular vacancy. The recruiting consists of the following steps:

    • Evaluation of the Application or resume.
    • First selection session consisting of one interview.
    • Second selection session consisting of further interviews and an assessment.
    • After we discuss the contract terms and conditions, we offer you a job

    We try to complete the application path within a few weeks. Whatever our decision may be, we will always inform you. Feel free to Contact Us for a request or further explanation.
    But even if we don’t have a job at once for you, it's possible to keep your résumé in our portfolio for a new opportunity later.

    Click here to send your Resume to PPC Recruitment.