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Product Packaging Company (PPC) is pleased to announce the launch of its integrated, rebranded packaging platform, which consists of three synergistic thermoformed packaging businesses – PPC, PackLab and Taghleef The integration was part of a larger vision by board member to build a leading, mid-sized thermoformed packaging platform. The combined business will now serve existing and new customers PackLab, Taghleef and PPC each bring extensive experience, innovation, and differentiation in the packaging industry

Discovery & Design

Discovery begins with collaborative sessions with our customers to determine the scope of the project and discuss specific goals and requirements. The design stage is where your package begins to take shape. Expertise in materials, machinery, and automation, as well as package design, makes PackLab the perfect partner for ensuring smooth integration into your production lines

Prototyping & Tooling fabrication & Manufacturing

PackLab utilizes state-of-the-art 3D design/engineering and prototyping to ensure your product will be showcased in a package designed for maximum safety, attractive presentation, and cost-effectiveness Tool fabrication is the next step in our process and is a key element to successful manufacturing. Our in-house tool shop gives us the ability to manage your tooling costs effectively and rapidly turn around production We use state-of-the-art software, high-speed CNC machines, and experienced tooling engineers to build molds, dies and other tooling components

Safety & Sustainability

Safety & Sustainability are at the core of us solutions & processes. Packlab are exports in developing innovative solutions, agile & open for collaborations, prototyping, testing, etc. PackLab in product design and engineering that removes the barriers of getting your product to market and allows you to maintain your competitive edge. PackLab will provide full-service offerings from concept to commercialization with speed to market When PackLab tackle your project, will deploy our deep knowledge of the thermoforming industry, the functionality of automated packing lines and equipment as well as the transportation and storage requirements into our design recommendations. Packaging design often evolves throughout the life of the project, so our development process is designed to be both flexible and collaborative to ensure the best possible result


PET and PE sheet lamination.
CO polymer sheet for freezer and oven safe tray.
UV light and oxygen barrier bottle for longer shelf life.

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