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Leading in the manufacture of disposable plastic products such as (cups, tub, trays, bottles) plain printed and sleeved taghleef product using the latest technology in the field of thermoforming blow forming and injection. serving a large sector in the dairy and food and beverage hot and cold all kinds, with cold and hot temperature tolerance in GCC and Middle East, also offering innovative solution for packaging to adhere to the customer needs with competitive price and high quality neighboring services at special prices.

Our Vision

To be a leader in products and services for all customers in the Middle East and North Africa.

Our Values

Security and safety
Innovation and Excellence
Meet all the needs of safe packaging

Our Strategy

We work according to a clear strategy to achieve the desired success and develop our capabilities according to the highest international standards. Keeping pace with and following up on all developments and innovations, applying all new technological solutions, adopting the latest developments in information technology related to the business environment and employing them in the company. We strive for continuous quality improvements to ensure a stable product quality level.

Our Team

A team focused on excellence in performance working under one roof with distinguished cadres working with high efficiency to serve its customers with all their energies.

What sets us apart

The company is distinguished by providing innovative packaging solutions .

Our goals

To become a major service provider for packaging products by manufacturing and selling high quality, healthy and safe products that win the satisfaction and trust of all customers.